Friday, December 5, 2008

Getting Approved with Bad Credit @ Pierre Money Mart

All of us have a dream of owning a latest model car. It is not an impossible task now. Online loans auto allow everyone to buy a car at considerable rate of interest. Some people may experience financial difficulties in their life.

So where do you go for a car loan knowing that you have a dent on your credit history?

Pierre Money Mart is one of the world's largest and leading auto financiers who can finance just about anybody even with bad credit. Bad credit auto loans is their specialty.

You can fill the online car loan application easily and get the car loan without stepping out of your home. The personal and financial information provide by you will be safeguarded by the online auto loan service providers with the help of secure SSL. Simply enter your zip code, address, and employment information, and within seconds, you’ll be presented with a loan offer.

They charge you for a maximum of 18% of your gross monthly income for your vehicle payment with limited term, they are also going to check on your social security number, your current bank account and your complete credit applications with five references.

They are having the largest selection of new and used cars which includes Acura, Audi, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Daewoo, Daihatsu, Daimler, DaimlerChrysler, Dodge, Eagle, Fiat, Ford, General Motors, Geo, GMC, Honda, Hummer, Hyundai, Infiniti, Isuzu, Jaguar, Jeep, Kia, Land Rover, Lexus, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Mercury, MG, Mini, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Oldsmobile, Opel, Peugeot, Plymouth, Pontiac, Porsche, Renault, Rover, Saab, Saturn, Scion, Subaru, Suzuki, Toyota, Triumph, TVR, UAZ, Vespa, Volkswagen, and Volvo to choose from.

* their Guaranteed Approval is only available in the State of Washington

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I Love My Technorati

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Look At Live OneCare Vs ZoneAlarm

Microsoft last month announced a new offering was going into beta, code-named "Albany," that wrapped a number of pieces of software and service into a single bundle -- with the company's Live OneCare security offering a key component. While the software giant is aiming Albany at the consumer space, executives have suggested it could be part of a broader strategy to combine software and services in one package.

Against this backdrop, the Test Center decided to take a new look at Live OneCare and how it stacked up against Check Point's ZoneAlarm product. While Live OneCare may be part of an evolving, bundle-focused, end-point security strategy for Microsoft, can a VAR provide a better solution by going outside the bundle?

If the solution is security or intrusion detection, the problem, of course, is malware.

Though not as glamorous, malware tends to not originate from a single, directed attack by some cyber-criminal intent on wreaking havoc on your customer's systems. Rather, most malware comes from inadvertent misclicks from unknowing users who may have opened infected email attachments, fallen victim to a "drive-by-download" Website, or who may have simply clicked a pop-up ad promising a free iPod.

This means a well-guarded network is not just protected at the gateway, but at the endpoints -- namely the desktops. There's a slew of anti-malware software available for desktop protection. The Test Center took a head-to-look at two: Microsoft's Live OneCare and Check Point's ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite.

A couple of reasons why these particular applications were pitted against each other: they both target the small/home business crowd (each suite reviewed supports up to 3 PCs), and each sells for the same $49.95.

Testing of each was done on twin HP boxes both installed with Windows Vista Ultimate SP1. On each machine, Windows Firewall was disabled as was Windows Defender. This was done to give a true picture as to the type of malware Live OneCare and ZoneAlarm could pick up and clean without additional software. Testers took a look at installation, configuration and malware fighting abilities of each.


There were differences noted between the two just during install. Zone Alarm installed without one hiccup, prompting for a reboot to complete. Live OneCare's install rolled along, and about mid-way through, the computer rebooted without any messages or warning. Although disconcerting, upon reboot Live OneCare was installed.


Live OneCare had an annoyance factor; to set it up, a log-on using a Windows Live account is necessary. To use this product, a Windows Live account needs to be established. As far as settings go, both applications offer pretty much the same configurable features; anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall. There are some differences as well. ZoneAlarm lives up to its name by breaking a protected network into three distinct zones: Internet: protects a PC from unknown computers; Trusted: allows sharing of resources with familiar computers; and Blocked Security: to lock out untrusted machines. In a bit of irony, Check Point product's provide protection against spam and phishing for Outlook and Outlook Express. Live OneCare does not have that capability. Live OneCare does have an integrated back up feature, a nice add-on for a very small business or home PCs, but it is limited; you can choose the type of files to back-up but cannot select specified files by location.

Malware Battle

Both products readily detected common types of spyware thrown at them; Virus Ranger, Gator, Generic Adware and other various nuisances were all detected. ZoneAlarm was a bit more adroit at preventing malware install, after reviewers ignored the warning to see if the spyware would be allowed to install. Live OneCare, readily let the installation happen but was quick to provide alerts recognizing the installed code as malicious.

Both programs fared well in Firewall security. Core Security's Core Impact was used to send a battery of exploits against both boxes. Live OneCare's firewall proved slightly more impenetrable; Core Impact was unable to pick up on the type of OS and architecture running on the machine, while the PC running ZoneAlarm gave up that info.

Live OneCare is a decent choice for home use. Microsoft makes it easy to acquire and the fact that it integrates with Windows Live, is probably more convenient for home users. Also, protection from Live OneCare is certainly better than none, and the backup utility is a plus for home users, who may not have such a strategy deployed. But a better option, especially for a small business, is Zone Alarm. The ability to add and remove network computers within zones, gives a control method for securing a small network. Also Zone Alarm has a more detailed alert and reporting system; something a business user would probably need to refer to more than the average home user.

Bottom Line: Let the consumer space have a look at Albany, with Live OneCare. For VARs and professional IT security, a better starting point would be ZoneAlarm.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Data Breach Victims File Lawsuit Against LendingTree

Online mortgage referral company LendingTree is facing a lawsuit after a security breach in which company employees allegedly allowed mortgage lenders access to customer's confidential information. Altogether, the lawsuit maintained that former company employees gained unauthorized access to sensitive information contained in its loan request forms by using old passwords.

Plaintiffs in the suit, which was filed in the U.S. District Court in Manhattan, N.Y., contend that Lending Tree failed to implement adequate security measures to keep customer's information secure. The employees then used that information, which included names, addresses, phone numbers, Social Security numbers, income and other personal data, to market their own mortgage loans to customers.

The class-action lawsuit represents all LendingTree customers who submitted loan request forms to the company between Jan. 1 2006 and May 1, 2008.

The Charlotte-based company first issued a letter on April 21st warning customers that former employees had helped "a handful of mortgage lenders gain access" to personal customer data by "sharing confidential passwords with the lenders."

The company said the passwords were then used to access LendingTree's customer loan request forms "normally available only to LendingTree-approved lenders," in a scheme to "market loans to those customers," said Lending Tree.

In a subsequent letter, dated May 8, the company warned affected customers that a "handful of mortgage lenders" had accessed loan information without customer consent. The letter went on to advise affected customers to place a security freeze on their own credit file, and included specific instructions which required victims to pay a $5 fee to their respective credit bureaus.

"It's really an access governance issue," said Brian Cleary, vice president of marketing for Aveksa, a security company specializing in enterprise access governance.

"A company like LendingTree has an obligation to put the right framework and controls in place. For them not to take ownership and require people who are at risk to pay is an absolute insult to injury."

Cleary said that consequently, LendingTree could go the way of TJX, Choicepoint , and other companies that have suffered punitive consequences for high-profile data breaches. If the Federal Trade Commission becomes involved, LendingTree could be subject to mandated third party audits and inspections every other year, Cleary said.

Experts say that the lawsuit is emblematic of numerous businesses that fail to adequately monitor or control their company framework or update policies regarding passwords.

To avoid a large-scale breach, experts say that companies will be increasingly required to adopt alternate security solutions to simple passwords, such as two-factor authentication, which incorporates passwords combined with a physical device such as a token, USB stick or key fob.

"Passwords are very low quality authenticators," said Avishai Woll, CTO of AlgoSec, a security risk management solution company. "Security conscious organizations that are concerned about these things, especially banks and financial institutions, lean more toward something like two factor authentication."

The issue is also indicative of the growing insider threat that companies face. A September 2007 PWC survey revealed that an overwhelming majority, 69 percent, of respondents cited employees and former employees as the most likely source of security attacks, surpassing hackers at 41 percent.

The study reported that e-mail and abused user accounts were the primary methods for security breaches, however only 52 percent of respondents said that they their company had implemented adequate security solutions to deal with the problem.

"I think this is a wakeup call to all organizations for taking control of their framework for access governance," said Cleary. "Who wants to be the next poster child for data protection? The legal and regulatory risk and increased operating expenses are just too large to ignore."

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Chevrolet Europe

Can you thing your day without car? Well with Chevrolet Europe you will be happy to know that you will have lot of choice in cars. There are many models Aveo, Martiz, Captiva, Lacetti, Kalos, find the car that suits you best. So don't wait for a transforming car which keep transforming unwontedly. Lol. For more info visit Chevrolet Europe’s website.


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McAfee Security Researcher Faces Trial For Fraud

A McAfee security researcher faces trial for felony fraud charges after selling $1.25 million in fake stock and then using the earnings for personal gain. McAfee employee Brett Oliphant, 29, and his brother Bryan, were accused of fraudulent sale of unregistered securities, in which they cheated victims out of more than $1.2 million.

An Indiana state judge set Oliphant's trial for Nov. 18 in Elkhart County, Ind., for charges related to four class C felonies. Charges against Oliphant include the sale of unregistered securities, transacting business by an unregistered broker or agent, fraudulent or deceitful acts with the sale or purchase of a security, and conspiracy to commit fraudulent or deceitful acts with the sale or purchase of a security.

Oliphant and his brother were accused of selling phony stock through joint businesses called 85 West, LLC and Electronic Scrap Recycling Corporation (ESRC). A private investigation revealed that Oliphant provided victims with fake investment documents about his business and used the money filched from the scam to purchase personal items such as rent, clothing and a vehicle, according to court documents.

The brothers, however, returned $350,000 to two investors who eventually became suspicious, according to the investigation.

According to court documents, all crimes were carried out between Nov 1, 2004 and Aug. 31, 2005 -- before Oliphant joined McAfee in February. Each charge carries a potential sentence of up to eight years in prison.

A collaborative investigation between the Indiana Secretary of State Todd Roikita's Prosecution Assistance Unit along with the Elkhart Country prosecutor and state trooper detectives led to Oliphant's arrest last December in California by the Napa police.

At the time of his arrest, Oliphant served as vice president of security services for ScanAlert, an ecommerce auditing service that scans commercial Web sites and provides them with a "hacker safe" trustmark icon, which McAfee acquired in February. At ScanAlert, Oliphant managed a research team for the company's "Hacker Safe" labs.

Before joining ScanAlert, Oliphant was the founding CTO of Security Profiling, where he developed security management technology, according to his bio on the McAfee site.

EZ Insurance

Insurance policies come in different varieties with a tangle of wording, definitions and exclusions. You need to understand what you want to protect and be certain that you get the right amount of security from your insurer.

Obtaining insurance for your business can be summarized in three basic steps:

1. Understand the different kinds of coverage and determine what kind of protection you want and what is required by law.

2. Review the coverage terms and make sure the policy gives you the level of security your business requires.

3. Put the policy to work. Familiarize yourself with claims filing, deadlines and ways to update the policy as your company grows.

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Use their Quick Quote Center, on the right side. You just have to choose insurance type and fill the zip code form. Then you will see free home insurance quotes. Fill all the data they ask on the form.

If you want to find real-time quotes of all nations leading insurance providers then EZ Insurance portal is the right place for you. At - they provide you with a complete list of insurance policies that will meet all your needs.

Perfect Cash Advance

Passing through a tough time with shortage of fund that makes it difficult to your next payday! The easiest method of availing the advance cash on net is Perfect Cash Advance.

Generally, payday loans or cash advance are small, short-term loan that is intended to cover a borrower's expenses until his or her next payday. It helps you to raise online cash advance up to $1500, even with your bad credit cash advance. Just fill in the online form with your personal information and Perfect Cash Advance will quickly match you with a lender.

At Perfect Cash Advance, they understand that you need cash in a hurry, which is why many of our cash advance lenders can offer you these attractive qualities:

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As long as you receive a regular source of income of at least $1,000 per month and you have direct deposited enabled on your bank account, many of our lenders can offer you payday loans.

This is a cash advance site that helps consumers meet short term monetary emergencies, with a focus on having the consumer NOT refinance, to save money in the long-run. Cash is deposited into your bank account on the next business day after your application had been approved.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Give Yourself A Boost At Work With These Simple, Refreshing Tips

Continued concentration over long periods required in the modern workplace can be demanding on your mind and your body. The stress and fatigue felt by many of us can impact our work performance and lead to ongoing stress and exhaustion when you get home.

However taking a short break to complete a few simple yoga postures at your desk can help to relieve stress and tiredness and refresh you for another work session.

Office yoga part 1
Start by vigorously rubbing your hands together until you feel warmth on your palms. Place your hands on your face with your palms cupping your eyes and your fingers on your forehead making sure that no light gets to your eyes. Hold your hands here with your eyes open and relaxed to relieve eye muscle tensions and eye strain related headaches.

Nadi Shodhana (alternate breathing)
Sit comfortably in your chair with your back tall and straight. Hold your right hand in front of your face with the middle two fingers resting between your eyebrows. Your thumb should be above your right nostril and your ring finger above the left. Close your right nostril with your thumb and breathe in slowly and silently through your left nostril, until your lungs are full without straining. Release the right nostril and close the left nostril with your ring finger. Exhale through the right nostril slowly, keeping the duration of the exhale the same as the inhale. Inhale slowly through the right nostril. Release the left nostril and close the right nostril with your thumb while you exhale. Repeat the sequence 10 times making sure that your breathing is silent.

Mushtika Bandhana (Hand Clenching)
Hold your arms out straight in front of you at shoulder height, palms down, stretching the fingers wide. Close your hands into a fist with the thumb held inside, as you slowly exhale. Slowly inhale as you open your hands and stretch your fingers. Repeat 10 times.

Manibandha Naman (Wrist Flexing)
Holding your arms straight out in front of you, at shoulder level palms down. Inhale as you slowly bend your hand backwards, fingers pointing towards the ceiling. Exhale as you slowly bend the wrist downwards, fingers pointing towards the floor. Repeat 10 times

Manibandha Chakra (Wrist circling)
Hold your right hand straight out in front of you at shoulder level, making a fist with the thumb tucked inside. Rotate the hand in a clockwise circular motion, making as large a circle as possible while keeping the elbow straight and still, keep your breath slow and smooth. Make 10 circles in a clockwise direction, then 10 in the opposite direction. Repeat with the left hand. Alternatively you can work both hands at the same time.

Kehuni Naman (Elbow Bending)
Hold your arms straight out in front of you at shoulder level hand open with the palms facing upwards. As you exhale, bend your arms at the elbow and touch your shoulders. Inhale as you straighten your arms. Repeat 10 times.

Skandha Chakra (Shoulder rotation)
Hold your arms out sideways at shoulder level, bend your elbows and touch your shoulders with your fingers. Rotate your arms in a clockwise direction, making sure that your elbows touch your chest, ears and sides as you make the circle. Keep your breath slow, inhaling as your arms move up, and exhaling as your arms move down. Make 10 complete rotations then repeat in the opposite direction.

Greeva Sanchalana (Neck Movements)
Sit comfortably facing forward with your eyes closed. Exhale as you lower your head trying to touch your chin to your chest. Inhale as you lift your head backwards as far as possible without straining. Repeat 10 times.

Sit comfortably facing forward, eyes closed. Without turning you neck, exhale as you lower your head to the right, trying to touch your right ear to your right shoulder. Breathe in as you raise your head and exhale as you lower it to the left side. Repeat 10 times.

Sit facing forward, eyes closed. Inhale as you turn your head to the right to look over your right shoulder. Inhale as you return to center. Exhale as you turn to the left to look over your left shoulder. Repeat 10 times.

In the same position eyes closed, rotate your head in a clockwise circular motion bringing you head down, to the right, backward and to the left. Exhale as you move your head down, inhale as you move your head up.

38 Scammers Charged

Federal authorities charged 38 individuals with the theft of personal and identifying information over the Internet as part of a phishing scam run by a global crime ring.

Members of the Romanian-based crime ring were accused of tricking thousands of Internet users into handing over personal information, such names, credit card data and Social Security information as well as other personally identifying information, which were then used in identity theft operations.

Federal authorities estimate that the attackers were able to steal millions of dollars from their victims as a result of their phishing operations.

More than half of the accused cyber criminals were from Romania, although the phishing operation was also run in Canada, the U.S., Portugal and Pakistan, federal officials said.

According to indictments recently unsealed in Los Angeles and New Haven, Conn., the scammers targeted thousands of consumers and hundreds of financial institutions with unsolicited spam e-mails. The spam messages attempted to lure victims to fraudulent Web sites that appeared to be from legitimate sources.

In remarks prepared from Bucharest, Romania, U.S. Department of Justice officials underscored that both the Los Angeles and Connecticut cases were emblematic of a growing worldwide threat created by highly organized, international criminal networks with millions of victims in the U.S. and abroad.

"The United States government takes the threat of international organized crime seriously, and the Romanian government does as well," said Deputy Attorney General Mark Filip in a written statement issued from Bucharest, Romania. "In recent years, we have seen an increase in the threat posed by international organized criminals who use cyberspace to target victims around the world. The anonymity of the Internet makes it an ideal tool for this kind of fraud, and law enforcement agencies in the United States have conducted several recent investigations in partnership with our Romanian colleagues. We are proud to do so, and we are learning from each other as we jointly help to protect our citizens and people in other countries from this sort of theft and crime."

Filip said that the users who visited the bogus sites were requested to provide passwords and personal, financial and identifying information. The information was harvested by "suppliers" who, in turn, sent the information to "cashiers" via real-time Internet chat sessions, which the attackers intended to use for financial gain.

In Los Angeles, federal officials handed down 65 counts to 33 people on charges that included racketeering, bank fraud and identity theft. The attackers allegedly stole thousands of credit and debit card accounts from individuals who submitted personal data when they responded to the spam e-mail. The data were then sent back to the U.S. from Romania and encoded on magnetic cards that could be used to withdraw money from bank accounts, according to an Associated Press report.

Meanwhile, in Connecticut, seven Romanians were accused of tricking consumers out of personal information by enticing them to visit a bogus site that appeared to be from the Web site of several legitimate financial institutions, including Citibank, Wells Fargo and PayPal. The seven Romanians -- two of which were involved in the Los Angeles scam -- were indicted in January with fraud and identity theft charges, which were released last week.

Federal officials said that the arrests and charges were the result of a joint operation by the FBI and the Romanian General Inspectorate of Police well as the U.S. Attorney's Offices in Los Angeles and Connecticut.

"This kind of coordinated response is absolutely vital to our fight," said Filip. "International organized criminals who exploit the power and convenience of the Internet do not recognize national borders. Our efforts to stop them cannot end at our borders either."

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SocialSpark The Community

Let me introduce you to a new service through which you can gain popularity & earn lots of money. Some weeks ago, I was invited to use this new service "SocialSpark" in its beta phase. I was bit confused to join it or not, i waited for a week then i thought to give it a try. So i Signed up for there service. SocialSpark is a new service of the IZEA network, we know IZEA for services like PayPerPost or RealRank. SocialSpark is a blogging community where you can make Friends, vote for there blog & Prob for them too. You can search for friends with there very friendly search engine. It also help you monetize your blog, build community & drive traffic. Its really a great place to be. I'm really happy to be part of this.

Code of Ethics

100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure

Your readers trust you. So SocialSpark are committed to keeping it that way. That's why they insist on a strict policy of full in-post disclosure for all sponsored posts.

100% Transparency

Every participant in SocialSpark is made viewable to the public. The public can also see which bloggers are working with which advertisers on which opportunities. This is designed to keep the community honest and open about the transactions that occur.

100% Real Opinions

Subject to the specific agreement you form with an advertiser, you are free to write or say whatever you want. SocialSpark itself has no restrictions on how you express your genuine thoughts on an advertiser's product or service.

100% Search Engine Friendly

Each sponsored link in SocialSpark automatically carries the "no-follow" attribute so as not to affect search engine rankings. This is designed to protect bloggers and advertisers from search engine penalties based on paid linking.


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Blogger's Choice Awards 2008

There is a huge announcement out in net, Blogger's Choice Awards, the most popular user-generated blog voting site on the planet is now accepting nominations for the 2008

There are 38 Award Categories few of them given below:

Best Animal Blogger
Best Blog About Blogging
Best Blog About Stuff
Best Blog Design
Best Blog of All Time
Best Blogging Host
Best Business Blog
Best Celebrity Blogger
Best Charity Blog
Best Corporate Blog
Best Education Blog
Best Entertainment
Blog Best Food Blog
Worst Blog of All Time

So Register now, invite friends, for vote your favorite & get there blog registered too. The more you get vote the more chance to win. Be a top nominated blog.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Custom User Icons

If you plan on getting a copy of XP, one of the first things you're going to do is set up a user account. Why not give your user account its very own picture? It's OK if you don't want to use a picture of your own because Windows comes with at least 20 beautiful pictures to choose from.

Here's how you can customize your user account icon.

Single-click the start menu and choose Control Panel.
Single-click the User Accounts icon.
Find the user account you'd like to change the icon for and click on it.
Click the text that says "Change My Picture."
You'll have the option to either pick one of the predefined icons or choose your own.
If you like one of the predefined icons, just highlight the one you like and click the button labeled "Change Picture."
If you'd like to use your own picture, just click the magnifying glass or the text labeled "Browse for more pictures."
This will launch a dialog box directing you to navigate to where your new picture is stored. After you find it, just click Open to save your new changes.

Set Processes Priority

Follow this tip to increase the priority of active processes, this will result in prioritisation of processes using the CPU.

1.Go to the second tab called Processes, right click on one of the active processes, you will see the Set Priority option

2.For example, your Run your CDwriter program , set the priority higher, and guess what, no crashed CD’s

Monday, April 28, 2008

Powerfull INDIA

Ajay Kanth Sriharikota, Apr 28 (PTI) Setting a record, India's Polar rocket today successfully placed ten satellites, including the country's remote sensing satellite, into orbit in a single mission. The ten pack launch of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) saw the 230-tonne Polar Satellite launch Vehicle (PSLV-C9) carry the heaviest luggage--824 kgs--and put into orbit an Indian Mini Satellite and eight foreign nano satellites besides the Cartosat-2A remote sensing satellite.

At the end of the 52-hour countdown, the PSLV-C9, with a lift-off mass of 230 tonne, blasted off from the launch pad at the Satish Dhawan Space Centre and soared into the clear sky in a textbook launch at 9:23 am. Fourteen minutes after lift off, the fourth stage of the ISRO's workhorse launch vehicle, in its 13th flight, injected the ten satellites, into the 635 km polar Sun Synchronous Orbit (SSO).

This is for the first time that ISRO has put ten satellites in orbit in a single launch. This is also PSLV's twelfth successful flight.

A Russian rocket last year delivered 16 satellites in the outer space but the Russian launch vehicle carried a lesser payload of only around 300 kg. Besides the 690 kg Indian remote sensing satellite CARTOSAT-2A and the 83 kg Indian Mini Satellite (IMS-1), the rest eight Nano Satellites were from abroad.

This is the third time, the PSLV has been launched in the core alone version, without the six solid propellant first stage strap-on motors. Terming the launch "satisfactory", ISRO Chairman G Madhavan Nair said "all parameters worked wonderfully well.

Trojan Horses Increase 300%

If your system gets hacked, chances are it will be from a Trojan. A Microsoft Security Intelligence report tabulated a 300 percent increase in the number of Trojan downloaders and droppers the last half of 2007 -- a trend which security experts say will continue to exponentially grow. Consistent with malware trends, the biggest security threats are moving to the Web and consequently experts say that they expect to see the number of Trojans rise exponentially. The reason? Trojans are by far the most "financially interesting" malware, experts say.

"It's the path of least resistance," said Doug Camplejohn, CEO and cofounder of security company Mi5. "For most enterprises, it's where they're least protected."

These Trojans allow attackers to install a small downloader onto unsuspecting users machines, usually without their consent, in order to record passwords, credit card, bank account numbers and other personal identifying information.

The significant increase in Trojans far outweighed the upswing in previous years, becoming increasingly evident that Trojan downloaders are replacing other types of malware, such as infected e-mail files and attachments, security experts said.

"Executables used to be delivered by other mechanisms," said Jimmy Kuo, principal architect for the Microsoft Malware Protection Center. "Now almost all other methods have gone by the wayside to those that simply lure people to [infected] Web sites."

Camplejohn said that the shift to Web-related threats was tied largely to the prolific, and rapidly self-replicating nature of botnets.

"If you think about it, Trojans kind of provide the best bang for the buck for a malware writer," said Camplejohn. "A smart hacker is going to spend their time and efforts to create a Trojan, in the long run, they're going to be rewarded better for that effort.

"Botnets bring money. Therefore Internet criminals write Trojans," he added. "Why do you write Trojan? Because that's where the money is today."

Microsoft's fourth Security Intelligence Report, which examined the security landscape between July and December 2007, provided analysis and perspective on software vulnerabilities, exploits, malicious software and potentially unwanted software -- software that occupies a gray area, such as adware -- observed by Microsoft security professionals over the last several years.
Meanwhile, the report found that the prevalence of rogue security software also continues to increase, which can be delivered via Trojans as well as by other social engineering methods, such as phishing.

Not surprisingly, the report found that newer versions of Microsoft applications were more resistant to vulnerabilities -- a fact which security experts said was due to increased awareness of security threats rather than failing to incorporate security into its products.

"We all make mistakes, and we learn from those mistakes," said Kuo. "Basically it's not that we didn't think of security, we just know more about it now."

Unlike previous versions, numerous current versions of Microsoft products now incorporate automated software updates, and are less prone to infection in general, Kuo said.

Surprisingly, not everything was on the rise. Bucking recent trends, exploits, malware and hacking accounted for only 13 percent of security breach notifications during the second half of 2007 and only 23 percent of all security breach notifications between 2000 and 2007.

Also countering previous security trends was a decline in the disclosure of vulnerabilities rated as high severity -- altogether, only 32.2 percent of known security vulnerabilities in the analyzed products had publicly available exploit code in 2007. In addition, vulnerabilities requiring a low level of complexity to exploit also continued to decrease.

"Vulnerability trends go up and to the right," said Camplejohn. "To have something reverse that trend, we look at with cautious optimism. That was really the surprise there."

Experts attribute this to a variety of factors. For one, companies might not have completely finished assessing all of their known security flaws.

Another explanation for the downward turn could be attributed to the underground market, in which hackers and cyber criminals purchase vulnerabilities in order to hold onto them for future use.

"We don't want to jump to conclusions that the number went down because we make the product safer," said Kuo. "If the numbers continue to go down, that will be proof."

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Model Hunt 2008

Are you good looking and young? Have a dream to become a model? Then join a unique online beauty contest for anybody. So what you are waiting for, why not apply online at The site is the perfect place from where you can take the first step towards glamor and modeling.

The winners of the online beauty contest will win $10,000 each. There will be one winner in each of these four categories:

1) Girls 14-19

2) Women 19+

3) Boys 14-19

4) Men 19+

Winner will be declared on 31st of December 2008. Wish you Best of Luck.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

Link Express

Join the Worldwide Link Love!Benefits of Worldwide Link Love!
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Thursday, April 17, 2008


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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Machinbidule Rocks

Machinbidule is a site covering whole lot of information on all most all topics. I like the color, design & logo with a punch line "know your world". Color combination of this site is very good as White, Sky blue & Black. This blog started on 5th July 2007 with a post saying his first hi to this huge World Wide Web. I have navigated whole lots of post written by him, this blogger has written all his posts with good English & grammar. It’s very hard to find a blogger with very less English & grammar mistake. This is my first post in "post exchange program". Hope with this Post Exchange we can gain whole lots of back link. Its give you one review for one reviews of yours. More you write more u get.

Machinbidule is an interesting blog where one can find solutions to almost anything. You can get information about Cell phones, Software, Web Designing, Computers & many more.

De-Stress For Better Memory

Today's education system is highly stressful. And under stress, not only dose the brain not function well, but children behave abnormally. They should be made to improve their memory so that they do well. A relaxed brain leads to deeper insight. It is well known that Newton and Archimedes made their famous discoveries while they were relaxing, the former in a garden and the letter, in the bathtub. But in today's world, recreation alone cannot eliminate stress completely. The following yogic techniques improve memory.

Sambhavi mudra: This position leads to the production of alpha brain waves, indicating a relaxed mind. It can be practiced anytime, in any position.
  • Roll the eyes up and cross them, look at the mid point of the two eyebrows.
  • Maintain the position of the eyes for a comfortable duration, Tratake: This is a meditation that de-stresses the mind.
  • Sit down in a cross-legged posture, keeping the back straight.
  • Place a lighted candle in front of you at an arm's distance.
  • Close your eyes and still your body.
  • Concentrate on your natural breath for 2-3 minutes.
  • Open your eyes and look at the brightest spot in the flame.
  • Gaze without blinking for 2-3 minutes (close your eyes before they start to water).
  • You will see the image with close eyes. Concentrate on that image till it fades.
  • Open your eyes. Practice three times. To rest the tired eyes, rub palms till they are warm and place them on your closed eyes for 8-10 seconds. This should not be done for more than a month at a stretch. Some object such as a black dot, a flower or God's image can be used alternately.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Five Critical Errors Patches By Microsoft

Microsoft announced today that it plans to issue eight security patches that fix holes in its Windows operating system and Internet Explorer. The announcement came in advance of its monthly "Patch Tuesday" security release scheduled April 8.

Altogether, Microsoft is repairing five vulnerabilities deemed "critical" and three rated "important" in almost every version of its operating systems, including Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000, as well as Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008, and Explorer.

The announcement was part of Microsoft's pre-patch notification, which was posted on the company's Web site today. Microsoft releases regularly scheduled patches on the second Tuesday of each month.

The five critical updates fix errors in Microsoft Office, Windows and Internet Explorer. All critical vulnerabilities can be exploited by remote code execution, which could allow an attacker to issue a denial of service attack or install malware to completely take over an affected system.
The three patches deemed important fix errors that enable hackers to "spoof" and gain unauthorized elevated privileges to different versions of Windows, as well as execute malicious code by exploiting an error found in Microsoft Office.

In particular, the upcoming security bundle addressed problems in the newest versions of Microsoft's operating system, including Windows Server 2008, released last month, and Windows Vista SP1, which became available two weeks ago.

Microsoft said in its advance notification bulletin that its Baseline Security Analyzer can detect whether a users' computer system would requre the update. In order to install the patch, users will need to restart their computers.

Security updates are available from the Microsoft Download Center, which can be found most easily after doing a keyword search for "security update," Microsoft said in its advisory.
The company also announced that it plans to host its April Security Bulletin Webcast April 9, at 11 a.m. Pacific Time.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Overcome Your Debt With Ease

Are you looking to overcome your debt? Do you need to increase your credit card value?

There will be times when you have debt, and it is overflowing, whereby you will have to answer creditors. This is where will help you, leading you to a situation where you need not to worry about debt. Just join

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Having No Debt today on your side is a safe bet. Not only can you get a free consultation right now, but you can start the right path to correcting all your debt problems in just a few hours’ time. Nothing will be impossible when you are availing their service, and you also have the choice of picking the right program yourself.

So take the right decision today itself. A decision that is crucial to your financial need. They work with non profits and profits alike.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Personal Money Machine

Do you need some emergency cash? Are you looking for online payday loans? Money will always be a part of our daily life; we can not go out of money problems. It will always be one of our main problems.

Today i would not talk about money problems, but i would like to talk about online payday loans. Personal Cash is one of the companies that provide payday loans. All you need to fill up a free online application and within few hours a representative would call you to confirm your details. And within a day they will credit into your account.

Personal cash advance is the easiest way to get payday loans without bothering of documents. To be eligible, you must be 18 years old, make at least $1000 a month, a U.S. citizen and possess an active savings account. They don’t check your credit background.

But you should keep in mind that availing their services, you are committed and responsible in all the payments that you should pay during the payment days. This will give you a great help in making your subscription a great experience, and this will develop bond with your financial assistance provider the

They will give you all the information that you need about online payday loans. So visit the site and apply for payday loans to solve your financial problems.

Tension Free Mortgage Loans

Thinking of buying a new home for your family? Buying a new house is very exciting thing but can also be stressful and difficult, making a decision on which types of loans to have.

What if your income is not enough to buy a beautiful and comfortable house for your family life?

Now there is a solution to this problem., these people are professionals in this business and working since 1995 and very reliable. They will help you to find out how much of a loan payment can you afford? How much should the loan amount and loan term be? They will provide you detailed information about interest rate, fixed or adjustable.

They will also help you through out the loan process. You can do research, shop, and compare all loans type to find which one the best for you. You can easily manage your money in terms of payments with a clear and flat rate in this program of mortgage loans.

So, try to find your new home there in an instant with the service of You can also find out more about their services they are having in their mortgage loan blog, and also to know about some of the issues in mortgage services that will guide and educate you more when acquiring your mortgage loans.

Monday, March 31, 2008

All About Credit Cards

Let’s discuss about credit cards, as it is a very important part of our life. It gives us power to purchase anything we dream of. Now the question is where can you apply for credit card? Will it suit our demand? Which card is good for us? There so many credit cards brand, but usually all have same role.

There are so many option that we need to consider before applying for a credit card. So before you apply for credit card i will suggest you to compare it first, look for the advantages and disadvantages of all the available credit cards.

Few are given below:

• Low Interest Credit Cards
• Instant Approval Cards
• Bad Credit Credit Cards
• Rewards Credit Cards
• Cash Back Credit Cards
• Student Credit Cards
• Business Credit Cards
• Balance Transfer Cards
• Hotel/Airline Credit Cards
• Prepaid Credit Cards was created to meet the growing demand for information about credit cards, credit card offers. The original concept is an open forum where people could research, review, and share information about credit cards and relevant experiences.

At finding a credit card is as easy as 1, 2, and 3. Only three simple steps are to follow: research, compare, and apply.

They help consumers to decide which among these credit cards suits the best. They give honest ratings for all credit cards, with “5” being the highest.

I hope this post will be helpful for you, if this information is not enough, you can visit now.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The World Tag Linker Chain

allen's sweetheart, sent me this tag.

This is the Links Around The World Tag. Instruction:

1. Place your link after the list. If you have more than 1 blog, feel free to add them all here!

2. After placing your blog’s address/es, you must tag 5 or more bloggers that is not yet in the list, this is to keep the ball rolling.

3. Here is the best part: Make sure to update your list every now and then, by getting the master list here. I’ll be updating the master list every day, or as soon as I see a new blog that’s been added to the list.

1-Momhood Moments 2-Business Mars 3-Princezz 4-Princess 5-Cecil 6-Ron & Cecil 7-Pinay Mommy Online 8-OnlineBiz and Resources 9-A Simple life 10-moms…..check nyo 11-Mommy’s Little Corner 12-Random Thoughts 13-Paradigm 14-See Me For What You Will 15-Pamp’s Blog Corner 16-Pampered 17-HappyHeart 18-Qtcotzkie and Baby 19-A Sorta Fairytale 20- tragicseven 21-Listen to the Beat! 22-Just Saying 23-Tipsy Tips 24- 25-Different AnglesDelicious Corner 26-I Care 27-Blog Blag Blog 28-Daily List 29-Life’s Journey 30-Welcome to my Crib 31-A Daily Walk With Bill & Gina 32-Me,Myself + 2 33-Fun.Fierce.Fabulous 34-Mike 35-BerryScrappy 36-BloggerHappy 37-My Planet Purple 38-Our Journey to Life 39-Princess Bela 40-Kaptyurd by Howell 41-My Simple Joys 42-A Sweet Taste Of Life 43- Bits and Pieces 44. Mem's Precious Moments 45. mugshots 46. Brainymommy 47. Pioneers Band 48.Maya's Window 49. Rojoy's Daily Update 50. Buzzy Bee Mom 51. Mommy Joy Of Two 52. Rojoy's Kitchen 53. Life-abroad-wifey 54. allen's sweetheart 55. allen's darling 56. pinayLoveStories 57.Bestfriend's blog 58. FilipinoLifeabroad 59.SuperNova & sweetpain 60.Asawakomahalko 61.Asawakomahalko2 62.Interracial Marriages 63.Buhay Amerika 64.Magkakaibigan 65.Asawa ko kano 66.)MobileTech Zone67.)Your Link.

I am passing this to Brainloop, mickey07, yokotech, naman.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Best Wireless Router?

A wireless network is incomplete without a router. The router connects to the broadband connection and in turn the access point in the router enables your laptop or computer to connect with the internet. There are many wireless routers available in the market and to label one of them as the best and the other not so good is not an easy task. But when we take the speed of transmission of the data, the range it transmits and the ease of use, there are not many that can compete with each other in the wireless router category.

After extensive research we found that the Belkin wireless pre-N router is the best in the wireless router category. People who use the router have found it to be very good and it is easy to install as well. The range it covers is very good. It works with Windows, mac and linux too. The best part about the router is that it is able to withstand cellular and cordless phone interference. The speed with which data is transmitted is also good.

Though it is priced a little on the higher side, the benefits that it provides make up for it. Not only our research, but experts in the field also provide testimony to the fact that the Belkin wireless pre-N router is the best wireless router.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Best Fashion Schools

Ever dreamed of being a fashion designer and working for fashion industry?

If your answer is yes, then I have a great website for you. You need to visit one of the best fashion School chain in the world.

California is one of the places in the US that experience winter, spring, summer and fall. This means people here get the opportunity to put on season wardrobes. That is one of the reasons of why fashion schools in california are popular. Then why not enroll yourself in a fashion school in california.

There are many colleges for you, you can also find nearest college for you, like fashion schools in los angeles, New York, Texas, Washington and many more.

They have a toll free number, which you can call at anytime or if you cannot afford to call then just get email assistance anytime for Free.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Rootkit Detection Vendor Acquires By Microsoft

Microsoft is tackling malware threats at their source. Adding to its portfolio, the Seattle-based company said it has acquired Komoku, providing advanced rootkit security detection solutions.

Execs say that the newly acquired technology provided by the Komoku purchase allows businesses to better respond to the increased use of rootkits as an attack tool to their networks and systems. The deal was finalized Wednesday.

"It's a constantly evolving threat environment," said Steve Brown, director of product marketing for the Access and Security division of Microsoft. "As new threats come up, new technologies have to be created to address those."

Komoku, based in Maryland, specializes in advanced detection of rootkits -- malicious software programs designed to take complete control of a computer's operating system at the administrator, or root, level. Once installed, the malicious software can go undetected by standard antimalware software.

Komoku's customers include several government agencies, such as the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the U.S. Navy, the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense.

William Arbaugh, president and CTO of Komoku, and associate professor of computer science at the University of Maryland at College Park, said in a written statement that he looked forward to building on the company's success in rootkit detection with the acquisition. "Microsoft's commitment to building the next generation of malware detection is very strong, and we at Komoku look forward to continuing the tremendous progress Microsoft has already made in the anti-malware space and building the anti-malware products that can handle today's sophisticated threats," he said.

Microsoft execs say that adding rootkit detection to its growing line of Forefront security products gives partners more opportunities to bring value to the security solutions they already offer their customers.

"Microsoft's approach for having a comprehensive set of solutions means that customers are able to work with partners to add higher value and more business projects. That means better profitability," said Brown. "Today's acquisition is one of our ongoing commitments to building expertise and talent to make sure we're protecting our customers."

Brown said that part of taking a comprehensive approach to security was ensuring that the rootkit detection technologies could deeply integrate with a company's existing infrastructure, and could be deployed simply and easily on a day to day basis.

"That makes your life much simpler and easier," he said, adding that its simplicity is "part of our ongoing commitment to an industry set of leading products and leading solutions to go to market with."

While financial specifics were not revealed, execs say that the Komuku name and product line will eventually be retired as the company fully integrates into Microsoft's line of products and services. The majority of Komoku's staff will join Microsoft's Access and Security Division.

Ultimately, Microsoft expects to add Komoku's functionality into upcoming versions of the Forefront line of enterprise security products and Windows Live OneCare, Microsoft's comprehensive PC care solution.

How To Rent Video Games Online?

To rent video games online makes sense if you like to shop for them from the comfort of your own home.

The way it works is simplicity itself. You join a rental company and the games are then sent to you by them in a pre-paid envelope which you can also use to send the game back with the next game that you want to order. To choose your game all you do is log into the rental game site of your choice and order the game that you want. It's all done at the push of a button.

Here are a few pointers for what you need to look out when picking an online video game rental outfit online:

1. Are you a gamer that likes to play one game at a time and then order another or do you like to play many at a time? If the latter choose a site that offers a cheaper subscription offer if you order more than one game during the month.

2. The shipping cost should be covered by the subscription of the online video rental site, this ensures that you do not end up with further charges, especially if you like to order many games during the month.

3. Has the site got games for the console machine you play with? Most will have the most popular platforms like the playstation 2 or the xbox, but if you are a game cube fan or a PS1 owner be aware that some site will not stock games for them. So make sure that you check!

4. Shop around for the best prices and special offers. Typically prices from one company to the next will be similar but special offers like a $1 trial for the first month or a free though shorter trial period can make a difference to your monthly expenditure.

Many sites online offer online video game rental, the most popular of which include gamefly, gplay and gottaply which at the moment offers a free 10 day trial..

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Buy Playstation 3 For Cheap

The Playstation 3 (also known as the PS3) is Sony's latest game system following the success of the first two Playstations. The system was released on November 11, 2006. The ps3 competes with Microsoft's xbox 360 and Nintendo's Wii. Although the system is theoretically the most powerful of the three, it is behind the xbox 360 and the Wii in sales with a little more then five million sold. This is slightly less the half of the other systems sales. Typically this has been attributed to the price of the system. The Playstation 3 usually retails for almost double the price of a Wii at $499.

Regardless, I opted to get a Playstation 3 for myself instead of any of the other systems. Unlike the xbox 360 and Wii the ps3 offers high definition Blu-ray movie playback out of the box. Simply put watching movies on Blu-ray is stunning. The picture and sound is incredible. The Xbox 360 supports HD-dvd, but you have to buy an extra add on player for this function to work! High definition on the Wii? Forget it, it's not available! I wanted to play games and have the next generation of video playback.

After hearing about the capabilities of the ps3 I started to shop around. Like most people, paying $499 for a game system was just too much. I tried many of the big retailers; best Buy, Comp USA, Circuit City, and so on. Basically what I learned was that retailers such as these agree to set the price that Sony wants. You just won't find it priced lower then this at any of these stores.

So now I will let you in on how I got a ps3 for $327 dollars. One word: ebay. Let me say this, there are some incredible deals on that site. Now I know a lot of people don't like the hassle of dealing with ebay, but I found a few sites that help out with process. Basically there are many sites that list all the best deals on ebay, so it takes a lot of work out of shopping There, and try a Google search. Did I mention these sites also have games and accessories listed? Buy your ps3 today and save money, give ebay a try!

PS 3 vs. Xbox 360

Regardless of the interest you have at heart or the business you are in there is always a rivalry between the best in anything. Pepsi vs. Coke. Wal-Mart vs. Target. Coors vs. Budweiser. You get the point, when it comes to being the best it doesn't matter who you are, there is always a rival and there is always somebody ready to take up the argument of the other guys.

The video game industry is no different than any other so when it comes to being a hardcore video gamer in the present day there are two choices for you in which to choose your alliance, microsoft or Sony. More specifically, you need to choose between their golden children, the PlayStation and xbox empires. For those of you incapable of making the decision yourself, read the following to understand what both have to offer.

Xbox was released over a year ago with no competitor as Sony had yet to release its new PlayStation 3, delaying it over a year to make it competitive. PlayStation 3 seems to have done so with a cell broadband Engine to power its newest entry into the video gaming arms race. Whether you know which is better without playing both is solely based on if you are a computer genius or not. If not, which most of us are not, understand that both are based on having multiple processors running at the same time.

just as you would expect, both manufacturers offer different packages for buyers in retail outlets across the country. Generally, each is offered in a core package and a premium package with names varying at different retail outlets. Basically, what you have to choose from is a basic system with no hard drive, but everything else. A system that provides you with 20GB of hard drive and a different system that offers 60GB of hard drive. Xbox 360 is generally around $100 cheaper in all categories at the moment, but it has also been around for a year longer.

Where PlayStation 3 is separating itself from Xbox 360 at the time being is in the game discs or capability with Blu-Ray technology. Blu-Ray technology allows for more space on each disc which means that developers and designers can go deeper and more sophisticated with game play in each game. This is exclusive to PlayStation 3 at the moment, but you can bet that all systems will have it in the coming years.

Both video gaming giants offer an online gaming service to allow gamers to be able to compete with each other across the world. Xbox live is currently the more well known of the two services, but it does cost money in the form of a monthly subscription to be able to use it. PlayStation 3 is preparing to have a massive online community along with the launch of the system itself, with the difference between them and Xbox being that PS3s online service will be offered without charge.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Enjoy Playing Billiard Online While You Earn

Love to play Billiard, how about playing online billiard? Then you will be delighted to know that billiard software is a multi language game. With the new design it looks more attractive than ever. They offer online billiards, online snooker and online pool which include 8 balls and 9 balls. Games are having fully 3-D environment. You only need to download their software to play their games. Then register an account, you may also open a real money account for you to start playing while earning real money. So earn money while playing games with a top-quality playing experience as well as outstanding, personalized customer service.

Unlimited Enjoyment at Joyland's Online Casino

Today i'm going to tell u about a website that I like a lot in online casino, which will make u dance with joy with all the unbelievable bonus offers and promotions. You can get up to $850 bonus. Website is well maintained and neat. There are whole lots casino games, though it’s a virtual casino but u will always feel that you are in Las Vegas. So welcome to the world of online casino. Have a great gambling session at

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Yoga Strategies for Anxiety Relief

The Dr. Kataria school of Laughter Yoga has received much exposure over the past few years because of the medicinal benefits of laughter. Laughing strengthens your immune system and reduces anxiety.

Dr. Madan Kataria is on to something, as laughter could be combined with Pranayama sessions for maximum benefits. In life, there is a shortage of laughing. Unfortunately, too many people take themselves too seriously.

If you feel foolish laughing for 20 minutes a day for good physical, emotional, and mental health, you may want to consider laughing alone, or joining a Laughter Yoga club. The benefits of laughing are too good to miss out on.

Yet, the average adult laughs less than 20 times per day. Children often laugh over 100 times in a day. No wonder so many adults and teens are so stressed out.

Laughter reduces stress, protects your heart, lowers blood pressure, and is a form of quick relaxation. You could watch comedies, or listen to comedy audio recordings on CD, while you are driving on your way to, or from, work.

If you want to avoid negative thoughts, you may want to reduce the time you spend watching the news or reading depressing stories in the newspapers. This does not mean you should avoid learning new things, but be selective about the type of information you read, watch, or listen to.

Good stories do appear on the news, but how many depressing stories will you have to mentally process before you find one. The old saying, Bad news sells, often applies. There are plenty of good magazines to read, radio stations to listen to, and television channels to watch, so be selective.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Fight back "Bad Credits" Now

In Americans Bad Credit is a fact which causes life and future of consumers very stressful. Don't worry now there are few loaners who give second chance to consumers with bad credit. with years of experience in this credit industry makes it one of the most adopted website for credit cards for bad credit. also offers credit cards, home loans, auto loans, personal loans, bad credit loans and many more.

The site's "bad credit credit card" section represents the top ten credit cards for consumers with a bad credit. Their approval system is very easy and quick. These cards feature monthly reporting to all the major credit bureaus, which helps consumers to rebuild their credits and make them happy & financially sound.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Good News for iPhone Lovers

This Thursday Apple previewed the iPhone 2.0 software — scheduled for release this June — and announced the immediate availability of a beta release of the software to selected developers and enterprise customers. The iPhone 2.0 beta includes both the iPhone SDK and new enterprise features, such as support for Microsoft Exchange Active Sync and the addition of Cisco IPsec VPN to ensure the highest level of IP-based encryption for transmission of sensitive company information. Latest version of iPhone 1.1.4 update released (Includes bug fixes, support for iPhone apps (SDK) and supersedes all previous versions.)

Build your own native iPhone applications customized for your enterprise needs and use the App Store to securely distribute them to your workforce through Apple iPhone SDK. The iPhone SDK provides developers with a rich set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and tools to create innovative applications for iPhone. Apple plans to release the final iPhone 2.0 software, including the iPhone SDK and new enterprise features, as a free software update for all iPhone customers by the end of June. Third party applications created for the iPhone.

For More Visit

Enjoy Paid Posting at PPP

Payperpost is a place where you get paid for blogging. You can earn money just for giving opinion and valuable feedback to advertisers.

But when I applied for my blog for the very first time they denied me, but they told me the reason also.

But few days back they changed their policies. I again applied for my blog verification. Just guess, I got through this time. I'm honored that they have given me $20 for my first post, soon more and more advertisers came up with their offers.

This is a place where you can learn about lots of products and offers from different companies.

I have joined their community which is awesome. I’m looking forward to make lots of friends here. Thing I like about PPP is that it’s very simple and user friendly.

Even a new blogger can use it without any hassle. PPP also gives video training library that allows users to quickly grasp navigation and account management functionality.

Hope those who are reading this post will also join the happening place on net.

I'm thankful to my friend who recommended me to PPP. I will use the money which I will get from PPP in buying a new apple iphone for me.

Code for blog ethics:

• Be Honest with Yourself and Your Readers
• Disclosure of Policies is required

Is It Worth Buying A Xbox 360 Bundle?

Is buying an Xbox bundle such a onerous task that you've been converted into a bundle of nerves? Has the constant stream of information obfuscated matters for you? If the inhibited frenzy for the Xbox 360 bundles has been replaced by a lingering doubt regarding their true worth, then you better read on. It's high time that you're no longer misled by the delusive manifestations of the apparent reality.

True bundle of joy for all

The best part about the Xbox 360 bundles is that there's something for all. Take a look at the several variations and choose the one that fits you perfectly:

* Core bundle: For all those who take pride in their gaming capabilities as well as those that are still learning the ropes, so to speak, this bundle is perfect. It comprises the Xbox 360 console, wired controller, composite A/V cable and Xbox Live silver membership. The incredible Xbox Live gold 30-day trial is also part of this bundle. The accessories include an extra wired controller, memory unit and a one year product replacement plan. Games like Dead or Alive 4, call of duty 2 among others, can be yours forever with this bundle.

* silver bundle: $800 is all that you need to shell out in order to ensure that your gaming talent is not nipped in the bud. The silver bundle with the gaming console, wireless controller, HD and standard AV cable, 20GB hard drive, headset, Ethernet cable and universal media remote will ensure than you step in to the next level of gaming in style. The Xbox Live silver membership, in addition to the Xbox Live gold 30-day trial, is part of this bundle. The rechargeable battery, play and charge kit, extra wireless controller as well as one year product replacement plan make this bundle all the more hard to resist. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, among others, will ensure that your gaming potential does not fade in to oblivion.

* gold bundle: They say all that glitters is not gold, but this one certainly does not conform to such stereotypes. It may seem very much akin to the silver bundle in terms of the package and the accessories, but the Xbox Live 12-month card is a virtual goldmine for those who get a high out of online multiplayer games. The $900 that you pay for games like Kameo and Perfect Dark Collectors Edition, among others, is really worth it.

* ultimate bundle: If you're a hard core gamer that is looking for gaming nirvana, then your search ends with this bundle. On the face of it, it may seem in the same mould as the gold bundle, but the similarity is only with the console, the package and the accessories. There are 11 power-packed games like GUN, Quake, Kameo and Condemned to choose from. You are sure to be condemned if you miss madden nfl and other games that revel in the unconventional.

Xbox 360 bundles offer a veritable mosaic of exiting games. You better get you head examined if you're still wondering whether it's worth buying a bundle.