Monday, December 10, 2007

Google Adsense Holed (earned $5000 in a month by small script)

One Person Earned $5000 by his own script just by doing nothing. (Im not selling anything, its a report)

Ah! My first response after reading the cover story of Digit Magazine, magazine clearly said that Google Adsense is totally gone and anyone can earn money with the help of one small script. This thing has been done by Manish Arora which is now famous in Google adsesne lobby and if you an Indian and try to contact google regarding the script, they will definitely say that you might know about Manish Arora.

Now lets start, and I will explain you how the manish arora is doing his tricks.
Firstly one needs a website or a blogs and adsense account. The person needs to approve his/her account from Google. Once it has been approved you need to run a script on your website or blog. Once you done with this, send some friends/ relatives or unknown people a email regarding some of the links regarding You Tube, other good blogs or any other website. I AM MENTIONING HERE THAT ONE DOESN’T NEED TO PUT YOUR BLOG/WEBSITE NAME THERE.

Now your friends or relatives who received that email will go to different sites and will click on different ads. Let’s assume you send 2000 emails with good looking 100 links in one email. The person goes to any of the website, clicks ads… YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE CREDITTED WITH THE $$$. It’s true, no one believes however it’s a fact that there is big hole in Google Adsense as reported by Digit India. If you are using adwords then you will be the biggest looser as you ads are going to clicked from some wrong people OR in Google terms it is invalid clicks.

In the Digit Magazine they had shown that in one month person had earned some good $5000 just by sending emails and doing the job (that was way back in December). This thing has been experimented again in September and same happened. This time however the people who had tried this were different however they used the same technique of Manish Arora.

Well only google, manish arora and the people from Digit Magazine knows the trick which they told the World, however not sure how many people know this which is not known to the world.

(I will try to present the pictures of the earning stats ASAP)

Now you are the best person to adjudge what is going wrong and where, and think logically who is the looser in the end.

Your Views are welcome.

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