Monday, December 10, 2007

Tips To Save Hard Disk

SAVE DISK SPACE Windows xp after Service Pack 1 keeps uninstall information for all updates in the C:\ Windows folder. These appear as $NTUninstall.... Depending on how many updates you might have anywhere from a couple of dozen of there folders. In order to save disk space youcan delete these folders. Doing this does not unistall the updates,but will make sure you cannot unistall them later-though why someone would want to uninstall security fixes is something I can't understand at all anyway. In case you do want to know exactly what uninstaller you're deleting, you can go to<###>, where <###> is the numberlisted in the name of the folder you are deleting-remember, don't addtext "$NTUninstallKB", just the number after the prefix. Once you're satisfied, just select the folder(s) and press [Shift] + [Delete]. Now there are two ways in which to remove their references from Add/Remove Programs list. Open the Registry Editor and navigate to
\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\UninstallNow, select the key that corresponds to the update uninstall information that you want to delete, and delete it. Another way to do this would to select the update in Add/Remove Programs list and clicking Remove, Sinced you have already deleted the Uninstall information, it's obvious that you will get an error message that tells you that update cannot be uninstalled, and you'll get the option to remove the entry from the Add/Remove Programs list. Just click OK and the entry will beremoved. Remember to check the Show updates box so you can see the installed updates in Add/Remove Programs.

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