Monday, December 10, 2007


Open Group Policy Editor which is not avaliable in Windows XP Home Edition.
For XP Home Users stay tuned I will give it very soon.
For XP Professional users
Goto Start > Run
& type "gpedit.msc" & press [Enter]
In Group Policy Editor Go to
User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components >Windows Explore.
Here, you'll find "Hide these specified drives from My Computer" &" Prevent access to drives from My Computer".

The difference between two settings is that "Prevent access" will allow the user to see the drive icon, but will give an error messagewhen he tries access it. "Hide" will remove the icon so that user won't see it, but the drive can still be accessed by using Start > Runand keying in the drive letter.

Under this setting, after you click the radio button next to "Enable", you'll see several options. Choose the one you want to apply, for example, Restrict A and B drives only". You'll notice that the options here are restricted, you cannot, access them.

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